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A Restaurant Changing the Future

We have worked with neighbors and community leaders to reimagine the way that life skills are handed down to the next generation.

With guidance from award-winning chefs, our young culinary professionals work at the Eastside Eatery to perfect their craft.

We proudly produce healthy and EBT-eligible meals with foods sourced from our farm. These foods are prepared with love in our kitchen and then available for convenient grab-and-go.

Each and every meal is prepared and proudly served to you by our award-winning team of chefs and the young people involved in our program.

It’s from the community, by the community, for the next generations of our community. We dare you to try and find something more appetizing than that!

Are you looking to feed a group of family and friends? Are you tired of chain food and would enjoy food cooked with passion and purpose? We would love to discuss providing food for your event!

Eastside Eatery

1708 NE 23rd St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73111


M - F, 11a - 6p

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